The Art and Architecture of Indian Temples (3 volume set)


A detailed look at the architecture of Indian temples by an author who studied and taught Vaastu Shilpa and Shilpa Shastra. Look for the other two books – Vaastu Shilps: Nele Hinnela and The Indian Temple.



lndian Temples have naturally attracted the attention of the world, for they constitute a precious heritage of our country. Many volumes have appeared on this subject, treating it from historical, archaeological, photographic, and art perspectives. But the temple in India is a creation of Vastu-Sastra, Kgama and Silpa-s5stra; and this aspect has largely been ignored. It is in order to provide this basic understanding of the traditional approach to the Indian Temples that this project has been undertaken. This is as it were an inside story of Indian Temples, an unravelling of the real significance of the structure of a shrine, based on texts, a large number of which are still in manuscripts, and on oral tradition preserved by the priestly class.

l am grateful to Sri. B. Kesar Singh for the excellent photographs he has provided me with.

– S. K. Ramachandra Rao




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