Rigveda Darshana (13 volume set, Hardbound)


An English interpretation of the Rigveda in 13 volumes by the late Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao.



I have been wanting for over two decades to present the traditional approach to RigVeda because the books that have appeared on this subject until now have consistently ignored this approach. Following the lead of the Western Indologists, our scholars also have been approaching the Veda from linguistic, mythical, historical and ritualistic angles. The three-level interpretation  (Adhiyajna, Adhidaiva and Adhyatma) which has been favoured by Yaska and several bhashyakaras is really the traditional approach, and this has not been given the attention it merits. The present endeavor is to project the traditional view.

The first volume that has appeared now is introductory in nature. It provides a comprehensive acquaintance with the Vedic corpus, and also details of traditional study of the Veda. The three principal factors, the Rshi, the Chhandas and the Devata, have been dealt with strictly in accordance with the traditional understanding. An account of Yajna has also been presented from an earlier publication of the Kalpatharu Research Academy (1991). This will be followed by another volume, presenting the Adhi-yajna approach of Sayana, the Adhi-daiva approach of Saunaka (Brhad-devata) and the Adhyatma approach of Yaska (Nirukta). The subsequent volumes will take up the mantras of Rg Veda for this threefold consideration.

My interest in undertaking this rather ambitious and arduous project at the tail-end of my life is summed up in a line by Anantacharya of the seventeenth century, the author of Kanva Samhita Bhasya: अमुन वेद दीपेन मय नीराजितो हरिः |

– S. K. Ramachandra Rao


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